by Jonathan Impson

Yes I know, I have been neglecting everything lately..
I will try my hardest to update you guys on everything when I have time, as for the trip in April.. I need to finish typing that one up lol..

Anyways, on to some stuff.. So I don’t have a car, and I need your help getting one!
If you can help please see below:



by Jonathan Impson

Ok so I just got back from my trip to California!

It was ok, it could have been better though, I will post pictures, videos and a long blog about it as soon as I have the time and for those of you who know me that means never lol! But I will try my hardest!

As for a side note, WordPress has just released a new version (2.5) and I am currently running 2.3.3 so I will work on getting that updated if I do so intend to..

Alright well that is it for now have a great night everyone!