by Jonathan Impson

So I know I haven’t posted in like forever, but once again life has snagged up my time..

I will try to upgrade my blog link with SEO so a lot of people can read what I’m doing now.

I will do my best to post as often as possible and try to fill in some of the blanks I have left in the past.. As for what I am doing now-a-days stay tuned for a few new posts that should be quite interesting..




by Jonathan Impson

Ok so I just got back from my trip to California!

It was ok, it could have been better though, I will post pictures, videos and a long blog about it as soon as I have the time and for those of you who know me that means never lol! But I will try my hardest!

As for a side note, WordPress has just released a new version (2.5) and I am currently running 2.3.3 so I will work on getting that updated if I do so intend to..

Alright well that is it for now have a great night everyone!




by Jonathan Impson

Well as you can more than likely see time has not permitted me to post or be on much since my last post.. I am still trying to get a job and I still have tons of work to do and am working on every day.. I still have not had the time to sit down and post a few new blogs but am hoping to sometime soon.. I don’t know when so I just wont say lol, but I will do it sometime or another.. Halloween is also coming up soon and I love Halloween so I will more than likely not be on much to post this week, it’s not like my mom ever decorates for the occasion lol but I still love it!

Oh and for those of you who care here is something which happened recently..
Recently my sister (16) crashed my moms car because my brother (19) took her driving in it without my moms permission.. she took a turn going around 50 and hit a chain link fence crushed most of the front end and bent a pole in half.. Now my oldest brother (thirty something) who was paying on it says his is disowning us lol.. When he did the exact same thing when he was in high school!

Oh and yes of course the air bags never deployed.. so to date 3 wrecked cars in the last 3 years all in October none had the air bags deploy and 2 were head on collisions.. How safe do you think your car really is?! So my mom has decided we will never drive in October lol.. Here is why:

My dads three middle numbers of his social are “666” NO LIE!
Our last name is “Imp”son, Imp meaning devilish child, add son and it makes pretty much son of a devilish child..
Next up, he was born on October 31st!

Well this has been interesting but I am hungry so I have to go!

Love you all,