by Jonathan Impson

As usual it’s been almost a month since my last post and at least this time I have a decent excuse ūüėČ


Yes I know it’s about freaking time lol, it took me almost a year to get another job but at least I got one! It’s a great job and thus far I am loving it, I work as a night stocker at PetSmart and it is actually a nice place to work.. But anyways so about some recent happenings:

Me and my baby celebrated our 4 month anniversary 6 days ago!
If you need a reminder check out his myspace at:
-or my blog post at-

Anyways, not much else has really happened and I have yet to find a cheap decent place for us to move into so with that said if anyone knows anywhere good would you let me know..

I am going to log now as my baby should be home soon so I will post some more later this week, love you all and have a great day!



by Jonathan Impson

Ok so well as you can see I still have not had like any time to post.. it really sucks because I love just blogging about my life.. even if no one is reading it lol, anyways so I love Halloween and this time of year because it’s fun and just darn beautiful and cold outside, I love it! My boyfriend and little sister went out trick-or-treating and I didn’t go with them cause I really didn’t feel like going but he said he had fun.. He even dressed up as a clown and had my mom paint his face lol! I am like so cold I am shivering while writing this and I still love it! But I really have nothing to post about right now other than I am STILL trying to get a job and I found great advise in chouprojects.com. Petsmart may hire me and I am waiting for Kinkos to call be back so wish me luck! Oh my boyfriend got a job at Petsmart as an overnight stocker so now he should be getting paid enough to buy me something pretty! Just kidding lol, but since I don’t really have much to post about at the moment I will let you guys go..



by Jonathan Impson

Ok so this is going to be short but I just want to get it out..

I forgot to post this until now but I just remembered and it made me mad.. I went in for an interview at Bed Bath & Beyond and had a group interview with three girls and me.. Well they went through all their interview crap and then finished made us call some number to take a test over the phone and said they would call me back in a week to let me know if I got the job, well about two weeks later they finally called me just to tell me they went with someone else.. I applied for full or part time and could work whenever they wanted, the other three girls were for part time and were all going to school.. Who do you think you would hire?! Well it turns out that they hired all three of the girls.. How sexist is that?! When you walk into that place tell me if you ever see any guys working! I mean seriously now that I think of it I have never seen a guy working in the Bed Bath & Beyond here in Lubbock..

 Anyways.. off I go to ruin someone elses life!