by Jonathan Impson

So if any of you guys like playing online browser based games like I do here is an awesome game I play called pardus which can be found here:
Welcome to Pardus!

Now here is some more information on it:

Pardus is a FREE real-time strategy, graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from your browser!Have you heard about any virtual games ? this is when a person can experience being in a three dimensional environment  where you can interact with everything in this environment, you should visit our website for virtual games and get the best   and latest options.

Test your wits against thousands of others in this vast, dynamic universe as you struggle to survive!
Trading, pirating, smuggling, military ranking – how you play is totally up to you in this open-ended game. And also invest in a new gaming processors to help your games run smoother.

Playable with all common web browsers – No downloads or plug-ins required!

To find out more information please follow the link below:

Welcome to Pardus!

If you end up liking how the game sounds and don’t mind adding me as your referral, my referral code is: 100017
If you sign up and get in the game feel free to contact me in game and don’t forget to check the boosting services at http://proskins.io/ which will help you to advance quicker in your favorite games.
My Main Character
Universe: Orion
Character: Aiden Corso



by Jonathan Impson

Ok so well as you can see I still have not had like any time to post.. it really sucks because I love just blogging about my life.. even if no one is reading it lol, anyways so I love Halloween and this time of year because it’s fun and just darn beautiful and cold outside, I love it! My boyfriend and little sister went out trick-or-treating and I didn’t go with them cause I really didn’t feel like going but he said he had fun.. He even dressed up as a clown and had my mom paint his face lol! I am like so cold I am shivering while writing this and I still love it! But I really have nothing to post about right now other than I am STILL trying to get a job and I found great advise in chouprojects.com. Petsmart may hire me and I am waiting for Kinkos to call be back so wish me luck! Oh my boyfriend got a job at Petsmart as an overnight stocker so now he should be getting paid enough to buy me something pretty! Just kidding lol, but since I don’t really have much to post about at the moment I will let you guys go..