by Jonathan Impson

So I was on my way home to my Mom’s the other day and traffic was well to say the least hectic, if you live in Lubbock TX or travel through than you know what I mean.

Well there was this older Hispanic lady driving and she was on her cellphone not paying attention and was just sitting there in the right turning lane.. she was not moving but traffic in front of her however was, she stuck her had out the window and acted as if she was waving traffic on while she sat there so I put on my blinker and proceeded to go around her. Well here is where the fun begins, she flipped out that I went around her so she landed on her horn then she drove up onto the the curb to my right and cut in front of me while she was still on the phone! She then started yelling at me so I yelled at her to get off her phone and pay attention which is when her daughter sitting in the passengers seat stuck her hand out the window and flipped me off.

Well that was not fun and she was a little too crazy for me so I went to a few websites and reported her as a bad driver.

Here is some information on her car:

Again she is an Older Hispanic lady
She is currently driving an Older Model Four Door Saturn
Color is a Dark Gray/Dark Silver and the paint is scuffed up
She was last spotted on 34th & Slide Rd, Lubbock TX
Dangerous Driving occurred at around 3:50pm on Wednesday, February the 25th 2009
License plate #MTW347