by Jonathan Impson

So… have you every forgot something extremely Extremely EXTREMELY very important? Well I did.. this morning.. I forgot to put my truck in Park!! And in the most important day because I was going to get my house remodeled by the experts from Palm Beach Roofing Professionals! No seriously! So I was on my paper route tired as heck ready to go home and was literally on the next to Last stop of my route before I went home, I tossed the papers out and the bundle popped open so I had to get out and re-stack them.. well I apparently FORGOT to put my truck in PARK! I didn’t even realize it until I re-stacked the papers and heard something run over the curb behind me.. I turned around and off rolled my Blazer! OMFG!!!!! Luckily it was 5:30 a.m. and I had the car pointed in a direction with nothing in front of it.. I mean seriously! I had to run jump in and hit the brakes, it luckily didn’t make it across the parking lot or it would have rolled into the street!! Gah, I need to get some freaking sleep but I also need to go and stretch a bit with my amazon vibrating foam roller.. But it’s all good because apparently it’s “I forgot day” so I’m covered right??