by Jonathan Impson

So I bought this laptop about 2 1/2 years ago, don’t get me wrong I loved it at first.. Then I turned it on, it had Microsoft Windows Vista on it.. I hate Vista more than anything in my life, I had intended to remove Vista and put XP SP2 on it.. Figured I would go ahead and give Vista a shot but this laptop was clearly not meant for Vista!! After all Vista is a memory hog and the laptop came with 512MB of Memory.. SO.. Needless to say it was slow as $#!% but I was STILL willing to give Vista a shot, I shouldn’t have.. In the end I decided I hated it, but eh.. Then the unthinkable happens, my boyfriend was using it overheated it and killed it!!!

Anyways so he killed it I was mad yes but I paid for a two year service plan with Best Buy and heat damage accident or not was covered yay! So I took it up to Best Buy and they looked up my information and then said I only paid for a one year service plan and it had expired!! I was so mad at them and was yelling at them but all they said was there was nothing they could do about it.. LIES!! LIES!!! Well needless to say I didn’t get it fixed and I couldn’t return it so I threw it into storage.. Well now a year later they sent me a freaking renewal notice in the mail which I got on April 03, 2009 saying “Your 2 Year Service Plain will expire on April 5, 2009” I was kinda happy and then mad because they sent it to me TWO DAYS before it expired and I tried almost a YEAR earlier to have them fix it! Jerks.. SO I took it to them on April 04, 2009 and said very madly I might add “I brought this in a year ago and “YOU” said my service plan expired when “I” knew I paid for a 2 year plan, I just received this renewal notice in the mailing saying my plan is for 2 years and expires tomorrow, I want this fixed and I want it fixed NOW and for FREE!” I then threw the laptop on the counter and the Geek Squad Associate didn’t say a word, he then just asked to see the paper typed it in the computer and said ok we can do that for you just bring it over here.. So I finally got it fixed and it cost me nothing, it cost them $398.00 though, so ha.. that’s what you get! So I now have and am currently using my fixed laptop.. I told my boyfriend he isn’t allowed to use it though, he has to use the old Dell..

Now I just have to get Vista off it!
Looking into it Toshiba doesn’t offer drivers for XP! Oh no..
That’s what HP tried to tell me about my sisters laptop ;)..
So I will be grabbing drivers from around the net and once done will hopefully be posting a how-to on how to downgrade this stupid machine..

Until then, have a great day everyone!