by Jonathan Impson

Ok ok okay!
So I know I haven’t been on since Halloween but I will try my hardest to at least get in some posts this month along with the one I am about to post..

So I was having a great thanksgiving until I got home..
Here is the story..

Well me and my beautiful boyfriend Andy went to his moms in Plainview this Thursday to spend thanksgiving with his family and it was great, I got to get out of Lubbock for a few days and spend some time with people who aren’t as evil as my family.. Well we stayed the night because it was already getting late and we didn’t want to drive in the dark so we figured we would come home Friday afternoon, it started to snow Friday morning so we went ahead and left so we could get on the road before it had time to ice over.. I called my mom and told her we would be home soon and she sounded fine, what a load of crud muffins! We got home and what do you know, they broke into my room while I was gone and stole all my DVDs as well as some of my expensive coin collections and my mom was threatening to kick me out because “I” am the thief! Right now I hate my family more than anything in the world and plan to never speak to any of them again until I leave, then I plan to say goodbye and then tell them to never contact me ever again and don’t expect to ever here from me.. This happens every time I leave to go out of town or to work or something and my mom either breaks open the door or she just happens to be “asleep” when ever my brothers do it.. This was getting old and this time was the last straw, I don’t ever want to see their faces again.. I have been taking my moms happy ass to and from work and dropping and picking up my sister from school since my sister wrecked my moms car and this is the thanks I get for it?! Well I have since then told them they can find their own rides because I will no longer be driving them anywhere..


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