by Jonathan Impson

Ok so well as you can see I still have not had like any time to post.. it really sucks because I love just blogging about my life.. even if no one is reading it lol, anyways so I love Halloween and this time of year because it’s fun and just darn beautiful and cold outside, I love it! My boyfriend and little sister went out trick-or-treating and I didn’t go with them cause I really didn’t feel like going but he said he had fun.. He even dressed up as a clown and had my mom paint his face lol! I am like so cold I am shivering while writing this and I still love it! But I really have nothing to post about right now other than I am STILL trying to get a job and I found great advise in chouprojects.com. Petsmart may hire me and I am waiting for Kinkos to call be back so wish me luck! Oh my boyfriend got a job at Petsmart as an overnight stocker so now he should be getting paid enough to buy me something pretty! Just kidding lol, but since I don’t really have much to post about at the moment I will let you guys go..


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