by Jonathan Impson

Sometimes I really hate living here, I mean I love my family.. sometimes. don’t get me wrong they are all unique in their own ways and I am able to handle them apart, but when any more than one of them get together they piss each other off and then they start yelling at me..

Sometimes I just want to lie on my bed curl up into a ball and cry :(.. earlier today my older brother came over and brought all his food and stuff cause he is moving out of his current house and doesn’t want it to go to waste while he moves.. Well my mom came out as usual and so did I cause I am the only one in the house allowed to put away groceries.. anyways.. my mom is like pure evil sometimes.. I hate it.. she puts words in my mouth and tells my brother things while I am standing there and then when I say something or tell the truth she walks away.. and that pisses me off more so I yell down the hall.. Well not only did that happen but my @$$ of a little brother took my clothes out of the washer again because “he” had to do laundry and threw my wet clothes in the dryer and didn’t even start it.. then not only that, my older brother gave my little brother $60 to give to me and he went and spent it without even telling me or him.. When my older brother found out he was pissed and he drives a camero so he peeled out of the driveway and down the street..

Anyways, now my little brother wants me to get my clothes our of the dryer because he has to dry his and they haven’t even been in there for 30 minutes.. I am so fed up with this.. it is like this everyday.. they can’t even clean up after themselves and our house is a mess and it smells because they just leave everything laying around and then they always talk about me staying in my room.. well figure it out and ask yourselves why I do that.. I hate living here and if I don’t get out soon I am seriously going to loose it..

Anyways.. I am gonna go cry myself to sleep now, ignore my misery if you wish.. I don’t care anymore..


  1. Andy on 08.13.2007

    Aw, David…..I’m so sorry! You can come live with me, I promise I’ll take care of you and treat you right.

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