So.. since there is no way that you can downgrade a PSP to play bingo sweets unless you use a Pandora Battery, here’s how to do it without one:

I currently have PSP Official Firmware 4.05 this may work with other Official Firmwares but has not been tested, if this works for you on another firmware please let me know!

I am going to tell you how to get your firmware down to firmware 4.01 M33-2 without a Pandora Battery.

First you will need to download PSP Pandora Deluxe make sure it is at least newer than v.04! Then download PSP Official Firmware 1.50 not Custom Firmware or it will not work, and PSP Official Firmware 4.01 again not Custom Firmware or it will not work!

You can find all these files through Google or you can download them from here either in the Downloads section or via the links at the end of this post.

You can also view any images associated with this at the end of the post!

When you have them downloaded then extract them where you would like, I recommend your desktop.

Plug your PSP into your computer and copy everything off your memory card and save it to a folder on your computer, I recommend your desktop and naming the folder “PSP Backup”.

Then open up PSP Pandora Deluxe.

It will start on the Firmware + Pandora Options tab
When it comes up you should see were it says load PSP firmware files, click on “Load 1.50 Firmware” when you do that a box should pop up go to your desktop or to where you extracted the files and load the EBOOT.PBP for the 1.50 firmware, once done do the same for 4.01 once you have loaded the files you will see that the “Copy Firmware” check box is now clickable check off both firmware boxes.

Leave the Pandora Button Configuration alone as we will discuss it later and at this point should not be adjustable.

On the top tabs click on Installation Options
When you do that the Install Options are now available to you, click on the “Noobz 1.50 Downgrader” and the “Despertar Cementerio v7 (4.01M33-2)”. Under the “Other Options” section make sure to check the box that says “Copy the M33 1.50 Addon Installers”.

Ignore the Support Tools Options and Config/Status tabs for now.

Go back to the Firmware + Pandora Options tab
When you click on the tab the Pandora Button Configuration is now adjustable, leave it alone. You may change the buttons if you wish the main one in concern here is the Despertar Cementerio v7 option, please note for the last of this tutorial I have left the button configuration alone if you change it remember what you changed it to!

Under “PSP Information” at the bottom of the program make sure your PSP Drive Location is correct! If your PSP was connected when you started Pandora it should have automatically detected it, if is is not set right please change it now before continuing! Make sure you also have “1.50 FW” selected under the drive letter not “M33 FW”!

Under “Memory Card Options” make sure all three settings are checked off, please note if you are running an older version of Pandora they may not all be available to you: “Format + Prepare Memory Stick”, “Use MSPFormat” and “Inject IPL”

You can also Backup or Restore your Memory Card from here as well.

All you have to do now is push Start it will take a few minutes and it might look like it is not working but it is, it may ask you to do some things with your PSP so it is best to stay close by. Once done you may close Pandora as it is no longer needed.

Unhook your PSP and turn off the power.
Then take your PSP make sure you are holding down Right on your D-Pad and turn the PSP on, do not let go of the Right arrow until a screen pops up saying:
“Install 4.01 M33-2, Install 4.01 OFW and some others.”
Make sure it is on the 4.01 M33-2 and push X

It should then install and now you have PSP Custom Firmware 4.01 M33-2!

If you need any additional help please feel free to let me know and I will do what I can.
If you would like to know more about anything read the “readme” that comes with PSP Pandora Deluxe.

PSP Official Firmware 1.50
PSP Official Firmware 4.01
PSP Pandora Deluxe v3.1

PSP Pandora Deluxe v3.1

**I will update this later with some more images, if you need anything before then please feel free to contact me.


  1. gov160 on 08.30.2009

    This guide actually DOES work but it is wrong about one thing. You DO need a PANDORA BATTERY.

    I followed it exactly without it didn’t work. I then bought a Datel Service Tool and converted a battery and then after trying the method again it worked and am now playing some of my old PS1 games on my PSP

    This was on a PSP-1003 with a firmware of 4.00 it also worked on a slim PSP-2003 with the same version firmware

  2. Rina on 08.30.2009

    I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog.

  3. NegaShadow on 09.23.2009

    “This guide actually DOES work but it is wrong about one thing. You DO need a PANDORA BATTERY.”

    Wrongo! I did it without that hunk of junk called a pandora battery. It’s obvious that OP did it too because he named this article “Downgrade PSP with Official Firmware without a Pandora Battery!” If this required a Pandora Battery, then why are those last four words in the title? Can you tell me that, mr “Lol, I did it wrong and bought some useless junk just to use custom firmware.”

  4. NigelDaPSPGeek on 09.28.2009

    What!? NegaShadow, what da frecks yer talkin about? NegaShadow, he means psp phat, you’re talkin about psp slim.

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  6. PSP on 01.21.2010

    jonathan i did what the guide said…but why isn’t it working..???? i know i press the right arrow… but why is it that everytime i turn it ON nothing happen..??? can tell me something about the problem..???

  7. nandu on 01.30.2010

    It is not working on my psp
    my psp is version 5.50
    please help

  8. nandu on 01.30.2010

    jonathan i did what the guide said…but why isn’t it working..???? i know i press the right arrow… but why is it that everytime i turn it ON nothing happen..??? can tell me something about the problem..???

  9. elijah336 on 03.12.2010

    Thank you, Jonathan, You helped me… =)

  10. elijah336 on 03.12.2010

    How dare you son! My Firmware is 6.10 and you said It can’t work?! I am going back now to wack you!!

  11. elijah336 on 03.12.2010

    Nah just kiddin, Thanks alot Jonathan!

  12. elijah336 on 03.12.2010

    Wait, They always say there is an Unexpected problem…How do I stop it? D:<

  13. Spidah on 03.23.2010

    What the hell?! I get this problem the whole time :” Creating and Copying config.txt… FAILED”

    how can I fix this shit?
    help me out please!

  14. joeven on 03.29.2010

    hi…i did everything you told us to do..but it did no work…my psp still starts normally..and there a prog in the games…mem stick…pandora’s battery creator and two corrupted files…AND the 2 firmwares was just pasted in the mem card..not in any of the folders…i tried to copy it in the pandora folder but still nothing happened…any advice regarding the pandora battery creator???

  15. Andie Visitacion on 04.01.2010

    i did everything you instructed but an ipl.ppd and root.ppd error shows up.. and im using windows 7.. what should i do?!?!?! help!!

  16. CrazedFish on 04.11.2010

    After getting past the root.ppd error by using pandora deluxe 2.8 full instead of 3.3 I proceded to have a nice and happy instillation only to encounter the restart error mentioned before. After a while of frustrated google searches i decided to try hardmodding via youtube; I did manage to slice into my battery creating a wierd smoke and spark as well as new shiny scorch marks for my penknife; however, I can say that it allowed me to boot the custom firmware by using and the battery suprisingly still works. Thanks for the guide and I hope this answers some questions.

  17. Muhammad Haziq on 05.05.2010

    I want downgrade ofw 6.20..,can you help me..,i already use psp pandora deluxe but it not work..,please help me..,

  18. rude on 05.19.2010


  19. zack on 06.04.2010

    hi , pls help me i hav a psp firmware 6.20 i accidentally updated it … and i cant seem to run th games downloaded from th internet again
    .. i want to degrade my firmware without th pandora . pls pls help

  20. zack on 06.04.2010

    i tried ur tutorial but .. i couldnt use MSPFformat and its said IPL FAILED pls help

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  22. Backamby on 10.30.2010

    please help me i have firmware 6.20 and i want CFW but its hard to make a pandora battery and i take the risk of downloading stuff without pandora battery

  23. jackass69 on 11.01.2010

    yeah, I tried everything like the guide said but it doesn’t work it said “problem with ipl.ppd” what’s that mean. plz help me

  24. jackass69 on 11.01.2010

    hey guys.i think i found the the way to solve this guy should try this ver.

  25. ganjadanks420 on 11.10.2010

    can u plz help me to get custom firmware i have phat psp firmware 6.3

  26. sajjaad on 11.13.2010

    I have a psp slim and light
    it has official firmware version 6.31
    will this work?

  27. FoergoAlono on 06.08.2011

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